Ms. Tamera Bailey

Email:  tamera.bailey@gladesschools.org

Intensive Math

Mrs. Queenie Bell

Email: queenie.bell@gladesschools.org

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Reading

English I

Head Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Tanya Bookal-Satchwell

Email:  tanya.bookal-satchwell@gladesschools.org


Learning Strategies

Class of 2022 Sponsor

V Cheerleading Sponsor

Ms. Jacqueline Booth

Email:  jackie.booth@gladesschools.org

Algebra I



JV Cheerleading Sponsor

Mr. Jared Brickel

Email:  jared.brickel@gladesschools.org


Math for College Readiness

Algebra I 

Algebra II

Mr. Lavon Brown

Email:  lavon.brown@gladesschools.org

Economics/Government Honors

World History

World History Honors

Mr. Bryan Browning

Email:  bryan.browning@gladesschools.org



Drumline/Instrument Techniques


Middle and High School Band

Mr. Brent Burnside

Email:  brent.burnside@gladesschools.org

History - Middle School

Football Coach

Mr. Matthew Cherry

Email:  matthew.cherry@gladesschools.org


US History

Mr. George Coates

Email:  george.coates@gladesschools.org

Introduction to information Technology

Digital Design

Middle School Business

Head Cross Country Coach

FBLA Sponsor

Student Council Sponsor

Electives Department Head

Boys' Soccer Head Coach

Mr. Phillip Cosby

Email:  phillip.cosby@gladesschools.org

Agritech I

Ag Tech II

Ag Foundation

Middle School Agriculture


Mrs. Malinda Crosby

Email:  malinda.crosby@gladesschools.org

Exceptional Student Education

Ms. Haley Dittmer

Email: haley.dittmer@gladesschools.org

Middle School Science

Mrs. Sabrina Drayton-Gonzalez

Email:  sabrina.gonzalez@gladesschools.org

English II

English II (Honors)

English III (Honors)

Mr. Erik Estrada

Email:  erik.estrada@gladesschools.org

Middle School Math

High School Intensive Math

Class of 2025 Sponsor

Beta Club

Mrs. Katrina Fey

Email:  katrina.fey@gladesschools.org

Forensic Science I

Biology I (Honors)

Chemistry I (Honors)

Assistant Senior Class Sponsor

Science Department Head

Mr. Brad Garrett

Email:  brad.garrett@gladesschools.org

Middle School Intensive Reading


Drivers Ed

Assistant Football Coach

Mrs. Rebecca Hall

Email: rebecca.hall@gladesschools.org

Middle School Intensive Reading

Mr. Akkua Hallback

Email:  akkua.hallback@gladesschools.org

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Reading

Volunteer Football Coach

Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach

Mr. Tommy Hare

Email:  tommy.hare@gladesschools.org

Middle School Math

Algebra I (Honors)

Math Department Head

Mr. Sean Holligan

Email:  sean.holligan@gladesschools.org


Middle School History

Social Studies Department Head

Mrs. Angie Hough

Email: angie.hough@gladesschools.org

Guidance Counselor

Dr. John Huysman

Email:  john.huysman@gladesschools.org

Testing Coordinator

Mrs. Cheryl Ivack

Email:  cheryl.ivack@gladesschools.org

English I

English I Honors

Intensive Reading

AP Psychology

AP Human Geography

ELA Department Head

Ms. Susan Kane

Email:  susan.kane@gladesschools.org

High School Intensive Reading

Mrs. Alicia Lee

Email:  alicia.lee@gladesschools.org

Media Center

Mr. Vinton Lewis

Email:  vinton.lewis@gladesschools.org

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Reading

Track Coach

Mr. Maurice McClain

Email:  maurice.mcclain@gladesschools.org

Physical Science (Honors)

Anatomy (Honors)

Power Lifting Coach

Assistant Football Coach

Ms. Katherine Menendez-Pumarejo

Email:  katherine.menendez@gladesschools.org


Mrs. Muriel Mis

Email:  muriel.mis@gladesschools.org

Middle School Science

Class of 2026 Sponsor

Mrs. Summer Odom

Email:  summer.odom@gladesschools.org


Class of 2023 Sponsor

Mr. Steve Petti

Email:  steve.petti@gladesschools.org

Weight Training

Mrs. Elaine Philpot

Email:  elaine.philpot@gladesschools.org

English III

English IV

English IV Honors

High School Intensive Reading

Mrs. Samantha Rhymes

Email:  samantha.rhymes@gladesschools.org



Ag Issues Team

Ms. Tiffany Thompson

Email:  tiffany.thompson@gladesschools.org

Physical Education

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Assistant Girls' Basketball Coach

Assistant Track Coach

Ms. Jennifer Whirls

Email:  jennifer.whirls@gladesschools.org

Algebra II (Honors)

Math for College Readiness

Mrs. Pamela Woodward

Email:  pam.woodward@gladesschools.org

Learning Strategies


Mr. Matthew Zinser

Email:  matthew.zinser@gladesschools.org

Physical Education

Head Boys' Basketball Coach