Ms. Tamera Bailey

Email:  tamera.bailey@gladesschools.org

Middle School Math

Intensive Math

Ms. Jacqueline Booth

Email:  jackie.booth@gladesschools.org

Middle School Math


Class of 2024 Sponsor

Mr. Jared Brickel

Email:  jared.brickel@gladesschools.org

Algebra II

Algebra II Honors


Intensive Math

Mr. Bryan Browning

Email:  bryan.browning@gladesschools.org



Drumline/Instrument Techniques


Middle and High School Band

Mr. Brent Burnside

Email:  brent.burnside@gladesschools.org

US History - Middle School

Assistant Football Coach

Mr. Matthew Cherry

Email:  matthew.cherry@gladesschools.org


American History

American History Honors

8th Grade US History

Mr. George Coates

Email:  george.coates@gladesschools.org

Leadership Techniques


Introduction to information Technology

Digital Design

Middle School Business

Head Cross Country Coach

FBLA Sponsor

Student Council Sponsor

Electives Department Head

Boys' Soccer Head Coach

Mrs. Cynthia Cook

Email:  cynthia.cook@gladesschools.org

Intensive Reading

Digital Art

Yearbook Sponsor

Mr. Phillip Cosby

Email:  phillip.cosby@gladesschools.org

Agritech I

Ag Tech II

Ag Foundation

Middle School Agriculture


Mrs. Malinda Crosby

Email:  malinda.crosby@gladesschools.org

Exceptional Student Education

Mrs. Sabrina Drayton-Gonzalez

Email:  sabrina.gonzalez@gladesschools.org

English III

English III Honors

English IV

English IV Honors

Mrs. Katrina Fey

Email:  katrina.fey@gladesschools.org

Forensic Science I

Biology I

Chemistry I

Assistant Junior Class Sponsor

Science Department Head

Ms. Gabriela Galvez

Email:  gabriela.galvez@gladesschools.org

Spanish I

Spanish II

AP Spanish


Class of 2021 Sponsor

Mr. Brad Garrett

Email:  brad.garrett@gladesschools.org

Algebra I Honors

Algebra I

Intensive Math

Mr. Akkua Hallback

Email:  akkua.hallback@gladesschools.org

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Reading

Volunteer Football Coach

Middle School Boys' Basketball Coach

Mr. Tommy Hare

Email:  tommy.hare@gladesschools.org

Middle School Math

Math Department Head

Mr. Sean Holligan

Email:  sean.holligan@gladesschools.org


Middle School Intensive Reading

Mrs. Angie Hough

Email:  angie.hough@gladesschools.org

AVID - 6th Grade

AVID - 7th Grade

AVID - 8th Grade

AVID 1/3/4

Ms. Teale Humphries

Email:  charles.holcomb@gladesschools.org

Middle School Science

Biology I Honors

Dr. John Huysman

Email:  john.huysman@gladesschools.org

Driver's Education


Head Golf Coach

Mrs. Cheryl Ivack

Email:  cheryl.ivack@gladesschools.org

English I

English I Honors

Intensive Reading

ELA Department Head

Mrs. Alicia Lee

Email:  alicia.lee@gladesschools.org

Media Center

Mr. Vinton Lewis

Email:  vinton.lewis@gladesschools.org

Middle School Language Arts

Middle School Intensive Reading

Mrs. Muriel Mis

Email:  muriel.mis@gladesschools.org

Middle School Science

Learning Strategies

Class of 2025 Sponsor

Mrs. Summer Odom

Email:  summer.odom@gladesschools.org

Middle School Intensive Reading

Middle School Language Arts

Class of 2023 Sponsor

Ms. Darcie Owens

Email:  darcie.owens@gladesschools.org

Economics/Government Honors

World History

World History Honors

AP World History

Academic Team Sponsor

Social Studies Department Head

Mr. Steve Petti

Email:  steve.petti@gladesschools.org

Weight Training

Mrs. Elaine Philpot

Email:  elaine.philpot@gladesschools.org

English II

English II Honors

English IV

English IV Honors

Mrs. Samantha Rhymes

Email:  samantha.rhymes@gladesschools.org

Drawing i, II, III

Middle School Reading

Paint I/II

Assistant JV Volleyball Coach

Mr. Andy Ringstaff

Email:  andy.ringstaff@gladesschools.org

Physical Science

Physical Science Honors


Middle School Science

Assistant Football Coach

Mrs. Tanya Bookal-Satchwell

Email:  tanya.bookal-satchwell@gladesschools.org


Learning Strategies

Class of 2022 Sponsor

JV Cheerleading Sponsor

PBIS Coach

Girls' Middle School Basketball Coach

Ms. Tiffany Thompson

Email:  tiffany.thompson@gladesschools.org

Physical Education

Assistant Middle School Volleyball Coach

Volunteer Girls' Basketball Coach

Ms. Jennifer Whirls

Email:  jennifer.whirls@gladesschools.org


Geometry Honors

Math for College Readiness

Mrs. Pamela Woodward

Email:  pam.woodward@gladesschools.org

Learning Strategies


Mr. Matthew Zinser

Email:  matthew.zinser@gladesschools.org

Physical Education

Head Boys' Basketball Coach