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Scholarship Websites

Scholarship Websites

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Florida Engineering Society Scholarship

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$6,000 (1 Award) - BMW Engineering Scholarship

$5,000 (7 Awards) - Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship

$1,000 (1 Award) - FormSwift Scholarship

$5,500 (1 Award) - Dan and Vicky Hancock Scholarship

$1,000 (1 Award) - Harris Poll Scholarship

$10,000 (10 Awards) - College Scholarship for High School Students

$5,000 (1 Award) - VIP Scholarship

$1,000 (1 Award) - You Deserve It Scholarship


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The deadline for this Spring 2018 Scholarship is May 1, 2018!

Essay Topic:  US 27 has recently been named the 3rd most dangerous highway in America.  In your opinion, what factors do you believe lead to this newfound alias?  If your family was visiting from out of town and traveling US 27, what advise would you give them to make their trip as safe as possible?

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Derrick Law Firm Scholarship

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