Moore Haven Middle-High School


Calinda Chapman-Green


My name Is Calinda Chapman-Green. I  have lived in Moore Haven over 20 years. Edwin and I have 2 children, Dustin Chapman who graduated in 2012 and Lacy Green who is currently in 9th grade in Moore Haven Middle-High School. This year we are proud to say we are grandparents to our precious grandson Hatton Jay Chapman. I am an active leader in Glades County 4-h for the past 10 years.  I am currently the 9th grade class sponsor, and I am very involved with all the students at Moore Haven Middle- High School. My title at the Moore Haven Middle-High School is a Paraprofessional Educator. It is a joy and a pleasure to be involved in your student’s education and school experience.

Deborah (Dee Dee) Beck


My name is Deborah Beck. I am a ESE Paraproffesional at Moore Haven Middle-High School. I have worked as a Paraprofessional for 22 years. I was born and raised in Clewiston, Florida. I graduated from Clewiston High School in 1983. I live in Lakeport, Florida. I have been married to David (Fish) Beck for 30 years, together we have 2 children, 1 son Gary, and 1 daughter Alisha. Alisha will marry Daniel Cockram in November, and have a baby girl due in February 2016. My family and friends mean the world to me. My hobbies include: going to the beach, going out to eat and to the movie with family and friends. Religion: Methodist. My personal goal is to make sure every student works to their potential.

Felipe Morales


My name is Felipe Morales and this year I'll be an ELL Paraprofessional at MHMHS. This will be my first year teaching at MHMHS, but I've worked for this school in the past as an Assistant Girls Soccer Coach and an Assistant Boys Soccer Coach now this year I'll be the Boys Head Soccer Coach. I was born in Belle Glade, Florida but was originally raised in Moore Haven, Florida. My whole life I went to school from Pre-K through High School at Moore Haven. I have done soccer, track, and football while I attended Moore Haven. I have a High School Diploma and little experience of College. My hobbies are to play soccer in leagues around the area or football if its possible. I am a Catholic, but to me religion is the one you have personally with the Lord. When my family moved to Florida, my dad was an immigrant he worked to support my mother and older brothers. My dad helped bring my mother and brothers to the U.S. as immigrants to try and be closer and make a better future. My dad got into a horrible accident at his job were he had to be flown out to Denver, Colorado and spent a year in the hospital until he could come back home. His inspiration is what has me sitting here today, cause I feel personally that a vision without any action is merely a dream. As teachers and staff members we need to inspire students in class or whereever to help them persue their dreams.