West Glades students in Mrs. Huysman's Library Classes listened to the book "One Plastic Bag" by Miranda Paul to coincide with Earth Day.  It is a lovely story about Isatou Ceesay who began a recycling project in her Gambian village by crocheting plastic grocery bags into purses.  Mrs. Huysman had her students help prepare the bags and she crocheted four purses.  Students were given the chance to donate 50 cents for the Gambia project and put their name into a drawing for one of the purses.  After two weeks, names were drawn out and the winners were Jacob Jordan, Joellen Erskin, Ahlai Chavez, and Sarai Guerra.  Additional donations by WGS Staff allowed us to send $210.00 to the Peace Corps for Gambia's Water for All Project, reinforcing our Character Education Word of the Month CHARITY.  WGS Spirit of Giving is going global with this donation.