MHMHS Reentry A B C’s


Arrival: School gates will open at 7:25 AM. Students are to remain in the parking lot or outside campus on the sidewalks using social distance guidelines until temperatures are checked before entering school. Anyone with 100.4 or higher will need to go home.

Backpacks: There will be no lockers issued so make sure you bring a backpack until further notice.

Bathroom: Custodians will clean/monitor bathrooms during every period. Handwashing posters will be displayed in all bathrooms. Teachers will give passes for students to go to the bathroom; students are strongly suggested to wear a mask.

Bell schedule: Transition time in between classes will be shortened to 3 minutes. Masks are strongly suggested. Teachers will stand outside the door to monitor students. Administrators and SRO will also monitor hallways.

Breakfast: Cafeteria workers will have a cart set up in the hallway. Students will grab breakfast and go to class. Students will eat in their classrooms from 7:35-7:55. Teachers will put bags outside of their classrooms and custodians will pick them up.

Bus: Masks are strongly suggested to be worn on the bus. Bus students will enter the school through the east doors that are under the patio.

Cafeteria: The Cafeteria will be closed for breakfast.

Canvas: There will be a platform for every student to use. Further information will be provided by the Glades County School District at a future date.

Car riders: Car riders and walkers will enter the school through the west doors that enter Spirit Hall. Temperatures will be taken as students enter the school. Anyone with 100.4 or higher will need to go home.

Chromebooks: Students will be responsible to bring the Chromebooks to school every day along with the chargers. Please make sure they are charged before coming to school so that students are prepared to start learning. Report any problems with Chromebooks IMMEDIATELY.

Dismissal: During dismissal those students that are parent pickup, walkers, and drivers will be dismissed first. Students that rider the buses will be dismissed after the buses arrive on campus.

Drills: Lockdown Drills and Fire Drills will continue to be a part of our school emergency and safety procedures. Students will maintain social distancing guidelines during Fire Drills.

Drivers: Student Drivers that arrive early on campus will be required to stay in cars until Spirit Hall opens at 7:30 AM.

E-Learning: The Glades County School District will provide more information regarding how to access on-line video trainings for e-learning on how to use the Canvas platforms.

Fever: Parents it is important for everyone that if a student had a fever the night before or the morning of school that they please stay home.

Follow: Please follow CDC guidelines to the best of your ability. These guidelines can be found at

Hall Passes: Hall passes will only be given for bathroom breaks or if the student needs to go to the office. NO hall passes will be given for students to go to another teacher’s class.

Hours: Student hours are from 7:55-3:01, the tardy bell will ring at 7:55 a.m. Teacher hours are from 7:35-3:05

Lockers: Will not be assigned at the beginning of the year. Make sure Students bring a backpack.

Lunch: Will be delivered to classrooms at the beginning of the year. This decision is subject to change.

Masks: Are strongly suggested in hallways, bathrooms, and anywhere you cannot be 6ft apart.

Nurse’s office: Students will need to limit time in the nurse's office.

PE: Classes will start with Health units in the gym. No dressing out at the beginning of the year. No PE lockers will be assigned.

Posters: Will be posted all around the campus with information on COVID, Masks, Handwashing and Social Distancing.

Responsibilities: Students will need to throw away breakfast and lunch trash carefully, clean their desks after breakfast and lunch, and clean the desk upon arriving at the next class. Cleaning supplies will be provided. Chromebooks need to be brought everyday with the charger.

Safety: Stay 6ft apart if you are able, wearing masks are highly recommended, use/bring hand sanitizer, wash hands frequently.

Symptoms: If anyone exhibits COVID symptoms, they will be sent to the nurse's office to call parents and wait so that parents can pick them up.

Tardy: At 7:55 the tardy bell will ring. If you arrive on campus after the Tardy Bell you must report to the main office.

Visitors/Volunteers: The presence of visitors and volunteers on campus or at school functions will be limited.

Water Bottles:  Students will need to be bring their own water bottles to school if they need water to minimize use and touching of water fountains in accordance to CDC guidelines.

YouTube: Training videos for Canvas Learning Management Program can be found on YouTube.